Understanding Depop – Behind the Scenes Before heading on to the main topic, we need to understand the concept and idea behind Depop – A peer-to-peer app-based shopping platform for buying and selling of … Hashtags or no hashtags? There are plenty of scammers on Depop trying to rip people off and claim that items they’re selling are new when they’re not, right? You can think it’s the most amazing item ever but if no one is willing to pay that much then your only option is to lower your pricing. Then you can choose to pay for the shipping or to have the buyer pay. First up, natural light ALWAYS works best for photography. If you’re a blogger or you’re active on social media then it’s likely that you’ll have an engaged audience already… so why not tell them about what you’re selling on Depop? But before you list your product, you’ll need a few things first. I agree, it’s so good for getting rid of clothes you don’t like anymore. Is there any wiggle room on price? If you say there’s wear and tear then make sure customers can see it. If you spell something incorrectly it might not pop up when people are searching for it. What You Need to Know Before Selling on Depop. Here’s what they told us. Fill out your profile Click the “sell” button Yes, I’m telling you to slide into the DMs of potential buyers. You need to try fashion marketplace app Depop. The image of what’s up for grabs does the talking, but the caption will deliver it to the right people. In this case, you don't need a bot at all. The key is to go where your audience is. How much are they charging for postage on similar items to what you’re selling? How To Sell On Depop. To find out how they do it, we spoke to some of the site's most successful young sellers who tell us how to make money from Depop: 1. With Depop, the real win is to get things for as cheap as possible and sell them for more. While, yes, having good product descriptions and knowing which brands and styles will sell best are important, Raga's number one piece of advice for selling your clothes on an app like Depop was to take good photos. Boost your chances of being found in search And yet – you also have an instant market within a click. One platform gaining a dedicated audience is Depop. Once you have your profile set up, it’s time to upload your first product. From there, Depop has you select a profile picture that showcases what type of style you’ll be selling on your shop. However, description you write and photo that you take should work well on Instagram, especially given Depop itself is structured very similarly to Instagram. If you trade on Depop for months without quick sales, you’re doing something very wrong. After establishing shop, Calloway demonstrated a buddy using Depop. Easy! It had been very easy.’” How you can Sell on Depop. If you’re a boutique, how do you expand? Depop’s search engine is very different from general web search engines like Google or Bing. If you rely solely on your business page’s organic likes for sales – you won’t get much visibility (and if you only share your listings on your personal page, you won’t be able to promote them beyond your friends and family). From the feed, click the camera button on the bottom of your screen, then click “Get Started”. What should you include in your description on Depop? When it comes to selling on Depop you need to offer good customer service, because if you’re good to buy from that means people are more likely to follow you and buy from you again. The most successful shops have great imagery that really represents the seller’s brand.’ Signed, sealed, delivered If you decide to ship with Depop, you will have to select what size packaging your product needs ($4.50), medium (8.00) or large ($10), extra large ($15) package. Depop Fees. Ollie is … Pinterest is also a great place for marketing research and spending on promoted pins. It is an android app, but you can also install it on a laptop. You want to include ALL the key information about your item in your description because – guess what – if it’s not there people aren’t going to message you to ask, they’re just going to go elsewhere. Would you not just pop them in the wash them first?! I wouldn’t buy an item that looked like that, particularly because you’d have no idea what state it would arrive in. the condition of the product if used, the brand, and the style). Depop said, ‘Depop is all about creativity and showing of your unique style. How does Depop support charities that want to set up a Depop shop? And that goes back to deciding who exactly you are selling to (again, keep in mind Depop’s targeted audience. Because of the competition you’re unlikely to rank in Google for product terms with volume (ie, “Used Louis Vuitton Bag”). My daughter wanted to try to sell on Depop. My boyfriend sells a lot of his old stuff on eBay. A custom domain is the foundation of your brand online. If your item is brand new, like a pair of trainers for example, make sure you show the trainers in the box so that people can SEE they’re brand new. That means taking your photographs in the daytime in a well-lit space. You really don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell on Depop. It can make a huge difference! Depop takes a cut regardless of the payment option, but the Depop wallet is handy if you’re planning on buying a fair few items through the app. With Depop, the real win is to get things for as cheap as possible and sell them for more. You can build your following in the app by creating listings that stand out and get featured by Depop’s editorial team in the app’s Explore section. Loads more. For me it was a big mix of stuff that I wanted to sell on Depop – clothes I’d grown out of, tops I’d panic bought the day before a night out and never ended up wearing, pairs of jeans I was going to wear when I was a dress size smaller, and so on. […], Great post! Oh yes, and there’s the gorgeous leopard print French Connection coat that I got for a tasty £30. Another benefit of using Depop is that Depop listings and shops work very well on social platforms. Something is only worth as much as people are prepared to pay. You can download the Depop app in the Apple App store or Google Play store. That meant I was essentially selling the item for less than I wanted to, but it was too late because I’d already made the sale. I don’t know if you’ve used Vinted before, which is very similar to Depop, but I was always very impressed by its clear postage instructions. Depop emphasizes curating your brand and style as a seller, making it best suited for side hustlers or small business owners, even though anyone can technically sell through the app. I'll admit it—I opted to sell certain items online so I could name my own prices because I was just too attached to let some of them go too easily. You can upload up to 4 photos for each item on Depop. You can make all of your items free postage as a way of incentivising more people to buy, for example. How to sell on…Depop. You want to ensure you’re adequately describing your item in your description so that it’s searchable for potential buyers. However, of course Depop isn’t just a place for buying lots of clothes at much reduced prices. Depop has more than just thrift store finds, though. How do I sell on Depop? Setting Up Your Account It’s a great way to get some extra cash, right in the palm of your hand! Fast forward eight years, a friend told me about Depop, I’d never heard of it until then. And the amount of absolutely filthy trainers I see on Depop! You can also use the same hashtags that you would use on Depop in case people are searching for them. There’s no extensive shop design or customization. Calloway and Jevsevar shared their best advice for anyone who wants to set up a successful Depop shop. Day 17 // 20 things to do on a rainy day in Autumn // Lucy Lives Here - Perselem, 25 things to do in Dundee: your complete guide, How to use Pinterest: a beginner guide for bloggers, Bruges in winter: pocket-sized medieval charm at its best, Fonab Castle review: my stay at a fairytale Scottish castle, Tordi Sagar: the tiny village in India you really shouldn’t miss, Is Milan worth visiting? Take a look at what other big sellers on Depop are doing for inspiration. Your photography is key for showing all the key information about the item you’re selling on Depop. First up, natural light ALWAYS works best for photography. The best I can do is disclose how to sell fast on Depop and build a robust profile within a few weeks. If someone is telling a Topshop bag for £20 then put yours up for £19.50 or £19.00. First, it must be a fashion / accessory item. How To Sell On Depop Optimise Your Caption. Most people have a decent camera phone these days, but really the most important thing is to show your item clearly. And what should you charge for postage? Once an item sells on Depop, I then ship it using biodegradable packaging. Whether you opt for oldies-but-still-goodies such as Ebay, platforms such as Etsy, or listing yourself as an Amazon shop, it’s never been easier to sell on your terms. People always want to see the fit of an item and how the item looks on an actual person, don’t they? On his shop, Sauce Freely, you can find a $500 pair of Dolce and Gabbana cargo pants, a $10 iridescent baseball cap, and an ugly sweater for $28.50, along with dozens of other items curated from thrift stores. That said, a little bit of effort with your photography on Depop goes a long way. You want the convenience of selling directly from an app. thank u guys sm for watchin, i’m gr8ful for the response i’ve gotten on this video and i’m happy i could help u w starting ur depop!! However, you absolutely can use data from Depop (like which items sell best and to who) to inform future PPC campaigns that you run for your own website. It’s not a lot but it makes a difference and you might just find yourself getting more interest. Depop limits you to 128 characters, so be sure to be concise and specific about what your shop offers. Here are the resources that I’ve put together –. How to sell fast on Depop is possible only when you do the right thing. Aria says: "Once you’re sure about the products you’re ready to sell, think about how you’re going to really sell them on your Depop … There are dozens of niche social networks to market your products. Do it right and you’ll see your see interactions and sales increase. As of 2019, Depop has over 15 million active users, and that doesn’t even include your competition across other platforms. Thee is a lot of advice out there about increasing your pricing by 10-15% or $5 and I … We don’t have Depop in my country but we have an equivalent called Carousell and I really love that it’s such a popular app – it helps me to get rid of my stuff that’s still new but unloved. I’ve posted pics of myself with my head cropped out, for example, and it worked just fine. Today I’m going to explain how you can sell on Depop and make some real money! Depop is a social shopping app for used fashion items. You can select to run your store as a business, which changes your billing address information to be business-specific. Selling on Depop not only rewarded me with some extra cash but also gave me the invaluable experience of running a small business. Definitely keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to social media and you might find yourself connecting with other Depop users or making a few unexpected sales! "The better the photo, the quicker it sells… It’s not realistic. Hello Jewells! But like every option, Depop may or may not be the best fit for you depending on your product and goals. Every description you write and photo that you take should also work well on Pinterest. The best I can do is disclose how to sell fast on Depop and build a robust profile within a few weeks. Learn how to sell on Depop and how you can get started today! Especially with Gen Z. However, there are a few things to get your head around first if you’re thinking of selling on Depop. You don’t even have to reveal your identity. How Much Does it Cost to Sell Something on Depop? After making an account, you'll find Depop is nuanced and particular, and selling on this app takes some practice. With over 15 million users, you have a built in audience. Hashtags and keywords are super important on Depop. You know, the usual story. Equal parts Instagram and eBay, Depop is growing at a rapid rate. The first thing you’ll see after signing up is the “Top Picks” page. There’s no point charging twice as much just because you don’t want to lose out on what you originally paid for it. Not at 11.30pm in your basement. Plenty of people sell handmade crafts on Depop. One platform gaining a dedicated audience is Depop. But Depop is certainly the platform of choice right now. There’s no point saying it’s barely worn if the bobbling and the hole in the armpit says otherwise. You don’t have to accept it, of course, but it is better to keep it polite and professional. Depop is an incredible app to sell and buy second-hand, but not a lot of people know you can also sell books on Depop too! An honest review, Things to do in Broughty Ferry: my complete guide. Here’s Depop’s guide to promoting like a pro, and another great resource on Pinterest marketing. Yet unlike eBay, Depop has a core focus on younger users, encouraging them to dive into the entrepreneurial world and “disrupt the fashion industry”. Once you follow the shops, their items appear in your main feed, which is a great way to get visibility with new users as a seller! Not being upfront about wear and tear can get your stung if buyers aren’t happy with their purchase. So you’ve decided to clear your wardrobe out and sell a few items to make some extra cash. You shouldn’t plan to run paid media to your Depop store — it’s not a viable long-term strategy since you can’t add your own analytics or conversion tags to your listing. The most popular way to use Depop is to download the Depop app from the Apple store or Google Play store. You may want to go beyond Depop’s shop limitations, implement a custom design or just get away from transaction fees. Some people go the whole hog and properly style every outfit, which is absolutely great if you have the time and the energy to do that. Once you’ve sold a few items you’ll get a feel for how much you should be charging, but definitely pay attention when you’re first starting out and see what your competitors are doing. Depop is a great money maker that actually takes minimal effort – just snap some photos, add your descriptions – you definitely need to add some detail to this part – and get ready to make money. “She was like, ‘I have no idea why I did not do that before. I like to geek out on Marketing, SEO, Analytics, and Better Websites. It competes with other social selling apps like Poshmark and even Instagram, and has been described as a combination of Instagram and eBay. Now that you’ve taken care of the logistics and have started adding items to your closet, it’s time to start actually selling your items. P. eer-to-peer app Depop was founded in 2011 to help people sell pre-loved clothes and to allow shoppers a circular way to indulge their love of fashion. We’re talking about aesthetics, followers, and likes here. Calloway and Jevsevar shared their finest advice for anybody who would like to generate a effective Depop shop. If you’re anything like me once you start selling – and buying item for a fraction of what you’d pay in the shops – you’ll never look back. It turns out they did, and I got 10% off my order (read more here). Eric Jevsevar is a top seller who makes a full-time income from Depop. There are prohibited items that are illegal to sell on Depop, these include drugs, weapons and counterfeit items. In order to download the Depop app on your device head over to the Apple App Store or Google Store. It might not feel comfortable at first but give it a go and see! I had a look on the explore page and I was instantly hooked. Next, Depop asks you to link to your social media profile. Depop vintage tees). I make enough to pay for my general expenses and then invest back into my business. You might be familiar with resale, but Depop is a whole different game. Words or hashtags like #leatherjacket or #topshopleatherjacket would be the kinds of search terms that potential buyers will be using. She set up her account, verified her PayPal and listed a few items. WordPress.com. I think you can charge more in a few incidences: when you’re selling an expensive or sold out item that everyone is after – or when you’ve built up a really solid following and are something of an influencer on Depop. With a global community buying, selling and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse and … It’s pretty obvious (I would think) but you need to make your items look as good as they can in order to sell on Depop. The important distinction in terms of tax is whether or not you’re selling for profit. You want your photography to be as light and bright as possible. I’m never out of it. Another thing to keep in mind is the option free postage. If you are anything like me, you want to declutter while also make a few bucks back on clothes that you bought However, if they can’t properly see the item because the photo is too dull or dimly lit then they’re definitely not going to part with their money. Your best shout is to bulk shoot on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Depop is a quick and easy way to sell your old items. It might be Twitter or Reddit. I’ve touched on some of this already by your description is such an important selling tool on Depop. There’s now an amazing amount of choice for selling your products online. How do I sell on Depop? If you go for something more targeted, such as denim skirt or denim midi skirt, your item is much more likely to appear when people are searching for it because the search volume of items that match that description will be much lower. I don’t know about you, but it feels like I can always clean out my closet and find clothes to sell. blog blogger blogging depop frugal frugalliving lifestyle lifestyleblog lifestyleblogger money money advice money saving tips money tips secondhand style sustainable sustainable fashion. After you download the app and create your log in (or log in with Google or Facebook), Depop has you select at least five styles you’d like to shop in order to match you with sellers who offer looks you like. Pay Attention to What Successful Sellers Do. If you’re ready to start your own ecommerce store – here’s the typical growth path. £500 Listing Competition Terms & Conditions; State Sales Tax: FAQs; Depop Seller Guidelines; Heads up, State Sales Tax is here. Plenty of people sell handmade crafts on Depop. You need to include a description of the item, the brand of the item, the size of the item, and whether the item is true to size – if it’s not is it bigger or smaller? If you want to add more items to your closet before you start marketing, you’ll simply repeat the process above by navigating to Camera icon at the bottom of your screen. You have items in your closet that you want to sell quickly and easily. From there, Depop recommends shops that match your selected styles for you to follow. You can build your following in the app by creating listings that stand out and get featured by Depop’s editorial team in the app’s Explore section. It’s important to present your items on Depop as well as you can do. That means getting back to people promptly when they message you for more information about your item and keeping it polite even if people make a cheeky offer. You simply have to get their attention once they are there. Coming at you with another post about how to sell on depop and make money fast, from me, a pretty experienced depop user! My best ever buys on Depop include a brand new pair of turquoise Nike Huarache trainers for a fraction of the price, a classic Topshop leather jacket that’s now a wardrobe staple of mine, and a coral red Ivy Park sports bra that I’ve worn so much it’s now coming apart at the seams. Five hashtags so your product can be found (i.e. How much money do you make?