If I do not give permission, then my name should NEVER be added to the class member list. I have four google accounts. And we are to believe the numbers of those accounts will not be passed along. Philadelphia, PA, 19103 All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. You can’t do both. If you or your business was prevented from using Google AdWords/AdSense because you violated Goggle’s “dangerous products or services policy” by selling knives or knife parts (or guns, gun parts, etc), you are being invited to join a class action lawsuit … Could Morgan & Morgan and Google been “colluding” to protect Google from a more bona fide and serious lawsuit by bringing this class action to bar most legal claims against Google. Below is a full list of open-top class action lawsuits in which you may be eligible to submit a claim. I opted out because I pay good money for my G Suite and they never even notified me of my information being compromised at that email address until I get notified 2 years later with a $12 offer!? Placeholders.enable(); "Even," the complaint continued, "when those individuals expressly follow Google’s recommendations to prevent the tracking or collection of their personal information and communications.". 5 months ago. Shame on Morgan & Morgan. Here they get caught with data breach but in order to claim compensation they want either your Paypal account info (which I don’t have because Paypal has been hacked) or access to your bank account?!?! The lawsuit filed in federal court in California says Google … All out information has been leaked mans that is what we receive. Then you ask for personal banking information after a breach has taken place, was very hesitant to provide that. Of the Big Four tech companies, Google was the first to be targeted by the federal government this year, but that likely wasn’t the end of the legal actions. that offer details on the two-year class-action lawsuit Google had been litigating because of the Google+ data leak. I report and analyse breaking cybersecurity and privacy stories, Did You Know eBay Is Probing Your Computer?