It is hard to pick just one novel, but I think that 1984 by George Orwell is the most influential novel of the 20th century. The 100 Books of the Century (French: Les cent livres du siècle) is a list of the one hundred most memorable books of the 20th century, according to a poll performed during the spring of 1999 by the French retailer Fnac and the Paris newspaper Le Monde On the eve of the new millennium, the Intercollegiate Review published a list of the 50 worst and fifty best books of the 20th century. 1. It’s not the first dystopian novel, but it defined for most people what a dystopian government is and influenced every dystopian novel that followed. Max Weber Economy and Society The absolute number one according to ISA members. HarperSanFrancisco, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, compiled a list of the 100 best spiritual books of the 20th Century. This is the collected results of the survey. We soon gave up. Getting really picky though, I could argue that the title says “The Most Influential Books of the 20th Century,” not the most influential books that were written IN the 20th century. Books of the XX Century One of the major aims of the ISA World Congress of Sociology held in Montreal 1998, was to make a critical assessment of sociological heritage of the twentieth century. In this framework the ISA Congress Programme Committee carried on in 1997 an opinion survey in order to identify ten most influential books for sociologists. 16% of ISA members (455 out of 2785) participated in the survey. ISA members were asked to list five books published in the twentieth century which were most influential in their work as sociologists. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. 1. I believe the bible (and some of the books I would have liked to have added) was (were) influential throughout the last century and still are today. In my view, Wittgenstein towers above all other 20th century philosophers to such an extent that it is surprising to find any books not written by him included in such a list." Although now approaching fifteen years since publication, this list tells us much about our recent historical inheritance, and provides a valuable reminder of the vitality of conservatism and the errors of liberalism. Top Five Business Books Of The Long Boom Source:; Created Date: 4/20/2001 2:04:28 PM Here is a list of the 20 most influential business books of the last 20 years as voted by our panel of experts. Written in the 14th century, this collection of tales brought to life characters and stories that remain popular today. Title: Most Influential Management Books of the 20th Century. The list, which boasts titles from over fifty different publishers, contains many books that will be familiar to collectors and dealers, including items quite valuable in their early editions. 100 Years, 100 Novels, One List Some years ago, at dinner with my wife and a friend, we started composing a list of best 100 novels of the 20th century. Edwin Orr Denby (February 4, 1903 – July 12, 1983) was one of the most important and influential American dance critics of the 20th century, as well as a poet and novelist. The Canterbury Tales also provides a glimpse into the customs and practices within the society at the time of its writing. But I … These are the most influential books in literature.